Taking a Break – Sedona, AZ

penrose view

We drove north from Tucson through Phoenix and on to Sedona.  We stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast (Penrose Bed and Breakfast) with views of red rock from every room, a delicious breakfast served every morning, and a real bed to sleep in.  What luxury!  They even had a library of DVD movies you could borrow.  We toured, relaxed, got real haircuts and eyebrows waxed.


One day we visited Enchantment Resort for lunch.  The resort owns the opening of Boynton Canyon, location of one of the most beautiful trails in the area.  The trail winds around their fenced-in property and then further back into the canyon.  Here’s a photo of the resort from their parking lot – with a croquet court and tennis court in the foreground.


We even shopped in a few art galleries just for fun – we were searching for a mini-sculpture like the one we saw at Seminole Canyon State Park in Texas.  Bill Worrell was the sculptor, and we saw similar sculpture outside an art gallery so we wandered in to check.  All we could afford was an autographed print!


Chris took this photo of a sparrow outside the bed and breakfast:


And Chris took this photo on the road from Sedona up to Flagstaff:



2 comments so far

  1. liz burns on

    Great, colorful and truly clear photos of Arizona. Sounds like the adventure continues. We are expecting(dreading!!) snow for tomorrow-rats, it will ruin my night at the symphony if it comes true. Hope you gals are staying warm. I like the small SUV. and the camper you had in the photo is really cute!! Keep up the good work. I feel like i am see LOTS!!! p.s. is ashville still a consideration? i hear it’s a great place to live

  2. Barb Metz on


    I’m stunned. I had you pegged as lifetime (ok, maybe at least 18 months) travelers. So when are you heading back this way? We spent a Saturday at the RV show in Columbus. Need to know more about the RV freezing up before we make any decision. We’re told the one we are coveting is an “all season” camper. Hyperbole or truth?? Your pictures have been fabulous. Our kitchen and bathroom are finished and we have real beds for you on your way back. Let us know what’s happening.

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