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Baltimore, OH – Visit with Barb & Diana

Chris Diana Barb

This weekend we went down to Baltimore, Ohio (Southeast of Columbus) to visit our friends Barb and Diana.  We had signed up to help with the Women Build Weekend at Habitat for Humanity – Columbus, and Barb offered for us to park in their driveway and ride up and back with her.  We arrived after dark, having first visited with Chris’ sister Laura, Susan, Jack, Luke, and Hayden.  Our departure from there was delayed by the urgent hearing of a story of the Christmas Elf.

Evidently, if you leave food and drink (plus several small gifts) out for the Christmas Elf who accompanies Santa Claus, the Elf will leave a small toy elf behind (and several small gifts) to remember him by.  Two years ago Laura was caught unaware by the question “Can we leave crackers and water out for the Christmas Elf?” to which she instantly replied “Of course!” without understanding the complete implications of the tradition and was searching high and low Christmas Eve to meet all the criteria…

We enjoyed our build time on Saturday, working on the soffitts on the front porch and the garage, plus some of the vinyl siding.  We returned to Baltimore muddy and tired, ordered takeout Mexican food, watched “Premonition”, retired early, went out for breakfast the next morning after Barb & Diana returned from church, and took off for more adventure.  On our way north we stopped in to a Gander Mountain store to replenish our pepper spray and eyed the hunting supplies and gun buyers warily.  We walked past the gun display case, considering what it might be like to purchase one for protection, and left knowing we didn’t know what to look for.

We picked up my son Matt at school, went out for Chinese/Thai food, hit the local Target for some supplies, dropped him back off at school, and turned toward Findlay.


October Update – Move Complete, Construction in Progress

john room

The move for Chris’ parents was successful – thanks primarily to the delay in scheduling a moving company.  We were able to box up and move over most of the small items before the movers arrived on their first scheduled date, so that the official move only required one day for the professionals.  Now her parents are slowly unpacking boxes and moving furniture around, and we still haven’t done the thorough cleaning of the old house.  The number of boxes and pieces of furniture in the garage is small enough to get their mini-van in, and that’s a major milestone.  Lamps have been unpacked and are starting to be distributed among the furniture, which is still moving around a bit.  One or two pictures and wall clocks have been hung.  The kitchen and laundry are fully operational.

In the meantime we agreed to help rebuild walls in her brother John’s house.  The photo above is Beverly in her favorite construction Donkey Kong 2 shirt (gift from the boys many years ago).  John’s house was flooded when Findlay was flooded a few months ago, and he continues to rip out walls and ceilings as he uncovers the extent of the damage.  He had to deal with some black mold and completely deconstruct a full bathroom and this TV room on the ground floor.   Many businesses in the downtown area are relocating rather than re-opening because the area floods so often now, worse given the development of fields that used to hold the excess water during heavy rains.

This weekend we are traveling down to Columbus to help with a day of Women Build fundraising for Habitat for Humanity and to visit friends and family.  We are looking forward to Thanksgiving in Tennessee and the next leg of our trip in the Southwest – and hoping we don’t hit a freeze here before we leave!